Make your own Ghostbusters Uniform

If you’re looking for a way to make a inexpensive Ghostbusters costume for Halloween, we can help you.


Rubie’s is the company that made the proton pack for Spirit Halloween exclusively until 2019, Now they are making it available to purchase under their name and it’s normally cheaper than what you would pay on the Spirit Halloween website unless you have a really good coupon code you can use.

Rubie’s also makes the Ecto Goggles that used to exclusively be available from Spirit Halloween but they sell for a lot cheaper than the normal price on the Spirit Halloween website if you buy them from Amazon.

PKE Meter

Walmart currently is selling the Imagine (Rubie’s) brand PKE Meter. You may be able to find it at your local Walmart in the toy section, otherwise you can use the link below to buy it. They are currently being sold for $20.

Ghost Trap

Walmart is also selling the Imagine (Rubie’s) brand Ghost trap, which is actually a newer version of the Spirit Halloween Ghost Trap that has motorized trap doors controlled by a foot pedal. You may be able to find it at your local Walmart in the toy section, otherwise you can use the link below to buy it. They are currently being sold for $20.


There are a few options available for doing a uniform, but for the sake of expense we’re going to list your best inexpensive option for a quick and easy uniform.

For an inexpensive pre-made uniform the Mad Engine Ghostbusters costume is one of the best options, it has the no-ghost logo in the proper place on the right arm, and it has the name tag in the correct place. All you need is the webbed gun belt to complete the overall look.

Elbow Pads:

Up until recently, there were two options for buying elbow pads for your uniform, you could either buy the pads that they sell on the store website, or you could buy a pair of white cannon volleyball knee pads and spray paint them grey. There is now another option. Cannon now has grey volleyball knee pads that you can easily convert to look like the ones showin in the movie. You can use a exacto knife and slowly and carefully slide it up under the raised white lettering to separate it from the pads, we stress going slowly, or it can make a big mess and mess up your pads. The final step is to tape off a square around the hole on the elastic part of the pads and spray paint it black. You’ll also want to fold the excess part of the pads down behind the elastic after you’ve put the pads on. You can buy the grey pads from this link from Amazon.

Gun Belt

Rothco makes a black nylon buckle gun belt that resembles the belt that was used in the second Ghostbusters movie primarily on the Grey flight suits seen in the montage video segment. The black belts were also used in some final scenes of the movie for the Khaki uniforms. This item is available in several colors, but we would recommend either going with a black belt or a Khaki color. If you want to see an example of what the Khaki belt would look like on a uniform look on the members page at the belt that member Van Loggins is wearing.


The boots used in the movies are very similar to Corcoran 10″ side zipper paratrooper boots. Unfortunately these can not be obtained cheaply, and for most people they are not very comfortable to wear. You can get a very similar look by going with a pair of Rothco Military Jungle boots. There are others you can find for cheaper, but the quality of the Rothco boots is good for the price.

We hope this helps get you started to put together your costume, have fun and be safe.